• So we just a got a new dog for home. All the family is excited, everybody wants to have fun with him. But with Joy comes worries: How can we take care of our dog? How can we make our home the best place for him? 

    Well, if you want your dog to be happy, there are some essentials things you must buy him.

    If you thought it was a collar, a strap, a cage and a food item, you would be wrong.

    Like every other area of ​​our world, our pet gear has become a market in itself, where a dog collar can be seen as a diamond-studded giant, a cat-walking strap is a thing of the matter, and clothing, it is said, is no longer about the fur alone. A simple dog ramps can cost around 80$ - yes believe it or not! Not so cheap for a middle class family.

    Animal equipment is divided into several areas:

    First, the division is made according to the animal we chose as our pet - equipment for dogs, cats, wingers, reptiles, insects, fish and rodents.

    Have you chosen a life mate? Great, now go to the fun part - shopping!

    If, for example, you have chosen a dog, then the list of items offered to Nork begins with a food, choker and transmission leash. There are fleas and ticks pesticides, brushes and combs, toothpaste and toothbrushes, mouthwashes, bones and snacks - dental or just a treat, toys, beds, training cages, clothing, shoes and the list goes on.

    If your cat wants things, consider a necessity box and its special sand - preferably crystallized, and there is also a self-cleaning electric box, mind games (such an animal), collars, a strap, dental products, rugs, beds, cage / carry case - of course designed , Scraping surfaces and more and more, all of course in addition to the base - pesticides, comb food tools, etc.

    Animal equipment from the winged family can include, among other things, a cage, leg strap, feeding and irrigation facilities, hanging snacks, toys, furniture and ambience products (which will feel like a jungle) and there are also clothing details, and a rather ingenious invention - a "diaper" strap to collect You take the squirrel and allow the bird to move freely without having to clean it.

    For reptiles, this is an aquarium, feeding facilities, snacks, climate control, lighting and more, here you will also find conduction strips and there are those who take it too far - an iguana with a necklace has already appeared.

    Fish is a complete ecosystem, and rodents, cages, sawdust, games and mazes, snacks are more.

    So how much does all this mess cost us?

    Animal equipment can be expensive, and even expensive, especially when taken to human levels (about the Paris Hilton bitch you heard?), But you can also find animal equipment at reasonable prices. Certainly this is an expense to consider, but the level of enjoyment derived from a happy and satisfied pet is worth every penny.

    Its like everything else in life - if we want our pet to be happy we need to invest!

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